34ACC. Furnishing of particulars in certain cases.

Where any person who is registered as a valuer under section 34AB or who has made an application for registration as a valuer under that section is, at any time thereafter,—

(a)    convicted of any offence and sentenced to a term of imprisonment; or

(b)    in a case where he is a member of any association or institution established in India having as its object  the control, supervi­sion, regulation or encouragement of the profession of architec­ture, accountancy, or company secretaries or such other profes­sion as the Board may specify in this behalf by notification in the Official Gazette, found guilty of misconduct in his profes­sional capacity, by such association or institution,

he shall immediately after such conviction or, as the case may be, finding, intimate the particulars thereof to the Chief Commissioner or Director General.