64. Qualifications to be possessed by Value Added Tax Practitioner

(1) A value added tax practitioner referred to in section 82 shall be eligible to have his name entered in the list, if 

(a) he possesses any of the qualifications specified in rule 50 or rule 51 of the Income Tax Rules, 1962, as amended from time to time; or

(b) he 

(i) was formerly an employee of the Sales Tax Department or Value Added Tax Department;

(ii) held during service in the department an office not lower in rank than that of an Assistant Sales Tax Officer or Assistant Value Added Tax Officer for not less than seven years; and

(iii) is, in the opinion of the Commissioner, a fit and proper person to appear or act in proceedings under the Act and these rules.

(2) A person referred to in clause (b) of sub-rule (1) shall not be eligible to appear before the Authority deciding the objection on behalf of a person for a period of one year after he ceased to be an employee of the Department.

(3) A person who wishes to have his name entered in the list referred to in clause (c) sub-section (1) of section 82, shall 

(a) apply to the Commissioner in writing;

(b) pay the fee as prescribed in Annexure 1 of these rules; and

(c) furnish with his application, documentary evidence of his eligibility.

(4) The Commissioner shall maintain a list of all persons whose names are entered as per this rule.

(5) A Certificate in Form DVAT-49 would be provided to each qualified value added tax practitioner.