244. Form of order directing return of Assets.

(1) Every order by which the Liquidator is authorized to make a return to partners of the LLP, shall, unless the Tribunal otherwise directs, contain or have appended thereto a list (which the Liquidator shall prepare) setting out in a tabular form the full names and addresses of the persons to whom the return is to be paid, and the amount of money payable to each person, and particulars of the transfers of economic interest (if any) which have been made or the variations in the list of partners which have arisen since the date of the settlement of the list of partners and such other information as may be necessary to enable the return to be made.

(2) The list shall be in Form No. 85, with such variations as circumstances shall require and the Liquidator shall send a notice of return to each partner by ordinary post under certificate of posting in Form No. 86.

(3) Payment may be sent either by registered post or any other mode as may be appropriate or as approved by the Tribunal at the risk of the partners.